Jeremiah 32:16-44



Today’s Reading is Jeremiah 32:16-44.
The passage can be easily structured by looking for signal words for new beginnings:
Verse 16 “I prayed”
Verse 26 “Then the LORD said to me”
Verse 36 “The LORD, the God of Israel, said to me”

So that leaves us with the following structure:
16-25 Jeremiah’s Prayer
It’s is actually a question: Why did you want me to buy that piece of land since we are going to lose everything pretty soon anyway?
26-35 God’s Answer
God pours out his heart to Jeremiah: I am mad because I feel betrayed
36-44 God’s Intention
Then God explain that the land purchase is a symbol of hope: “I will restore the people to their land. I, the LORD, have spoken.”

Interesting, straightforward conversation – isn’t that what prayer is supposed to be!


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