Daniel Haas came to the Rocky Mountains from Germany in 2008. He lead Provo Community UCC in Utah on the path of becoming a trilingual (Pohnpeian, German, and English), open and affirming church when he served there till 2014. During a six year stint to Houston, Texas, where he shepherded a congregation through Hurricane Harvey, he also became a board certified chaplain. Daniel currently works as a hospital chaplain in Bountiful, Utah, as well as a chaplain in the US Army Reserve. He is available to lead in-person worship in Utah or virtually worldwide. His passion is on issues of healthcare and veterans care as well as multicultural experiences. Could your community benefit from a German language holiday service? You can reach Daniel Haas via email. Here you can listen to a selection of his sermons:

FCC Houston Sermons ยท “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Rev. Daniel Haas
Daniel Haas