Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God…” (Step 11)
Prayer and meditation sound like huge tasks. For some they present a big burden, a tough requirement, or a boring chore. Many addicts struggle to figure “this God thing” out. Using the Enneagram to unearth your most basic spiritual needs can help make your spiritual life less intimidating.

Every person is unique and has their own journey of spiritual experience. When it comes to end of life issues, your religious and spiritual context can greatly influence your well-being. In this booklet I outline five broad horizons in which persons experience hospice care. In each case I formulate a spiritual goal. That does not have to be your goal. The important thing is that you talk to your hospice team about how to develop your own goals.

This booklet is a must read for patients, families, hospice chaplains and staff because it provides the perfect spiritual care prescriptions for five vital horizons in which persons experience hospice care. A proper application of these prescriptions, will lead to a proper end of life care

Dr. Saul Ebema, President of Hospice Chaplaincy