Free audio books for hospice workers – and anyone, really



I am a hospice chaplain. That means I drive a lot. All home health professionals do. And there are certain challenges that come with that lifestyle:

  • How do you eat a healthy yet satisfying lunch while “living on the road”?
  • What do you listen to all day?

Honestly, I have not cracked the code for lunches yet. Please comment things that have worked for you. I have however cracked he code what to listen to in the car. Full disclosure: If you are a music person, listen to your music. I am not. So most of the time NPR does the trick for me. But the truth is, sometimes the news cycle is slow. That’s when audiobooks come in. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT subscribe to Audible. I am as dependent on Amazon Prime as anybody and I hold no grudge against their economic empire, but their audio book offering just doesn’t make any sense. For $14.95 you only get ONE, I repeat, ONE audio book per month included in your gold membership. Instead I use Hoopla. Hoopla partners with most public library systems and gives me FIVE audio books per month at ZERO dollars. Check with your local library. Some also support OverDrive which is great as well.


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