Top 6 Post of 2011



Here are the top two most viewed articles for each of the three categories in which I blog here:

1. Dumb Place
2. Benjamin Maximilian Haas
People are always looking for useful tools on the web. Such a dumb idea as a dumb place seems not to be that dumb after all. No other post comes even close when it comes to pageviews. People like you spend an average of 11 minutes and 10 seconds on my dumb place. Thank you!
Ben’s high ranking in the Living category shouldn’t be a surprise. When it comes to news in my life in 2011 Ben is certainly the most important one.

1. Tag: Hosea
2. Go directly to jail
Hosea acted out the craziest prophetic parables. Maybe that is why all posts tagged Hosea are this year’s top reads. My second most popular read raises a tough question: “Would you go to jail for Christ?” Any comments? Over all Bible searchers seem to be interested in catchy stories and challenging thoughts.

1. Evolution – A Topical Summer Sermon Podcast
2. Hell – A Topical Summer Sermon Podcast
Hot-button issues make for red-hot sermon titles. Tackling evolution and raising hell works – from a preacher’s perspective that is. Typically the preaching in our church tradition follows the Revised Common Lectionary. It has three years worth of suggested sermon scriptures and ensures that the church is exposed to a broad variety of Biblical texts, not just the pastor’s favorites. In July, August and September Provo Community UCC went topical on their pulpit. The worship planning committee polled the congregation for weeks and came up with the most wanted topics – two of which yielded my most popular sermons. Maybe democratic preaching is a nice addition to our repertoire?


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