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First man in space
Today’s Doodle celebrates the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic space flight.
Here is a little theological twist to it:

After Yuri Gagarin returned from his space flight in 1961 he was invited to meet with the Soviet leader, Mr. Krushchev. After some talking Krushchev finally asks:

K: So comrade Gagarin, did you see god up there?

G: Yes, comrade I did.

K: Damn it, that’s against the view of the world of communism….if the people hear of that that might undermine our entire government organization. O.K. here are the keys to a West-German car. They are yours but I don’t have to remind you that you didn’t see anything up there, do I?

Gagarin takes the keys and leaves the Kremlin satisfied with how the meeting went.

Later that year he meets with Pope John XXIII in the Vatican.
After some talk about space flights in general the Pope finally asks:
P: So Yuri my son, did you see god up there?

G: I’m afraid I didn’t.

P: Holy shhhhhhhining thing, I feared that would happen…. Look Yuri here is a suitcase full of ancient gold coins. It is yours to take just don’t forget that you HAVE seen god up there, right?

Gagarin takes the suitcase and leaves the Vatican satisfied with how the meeting went.

A few weeks later he meets with President Kennedy in Washington.
After some talk about the advantages of capitalism and democracy Kennedy finally asks:
K: So Mr. Gagarin did you see god up there:

G: Yes I did.

K: That is great news! It proves the communistic system to be wrong and supports what most of my voters believe in.

Gagarin smiles, looks Kennedy in the eyes and says:

Thanks to Schroeder for sharing this urban legend.


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