Germans in Utah



Germans in Utah
The meetup group Germans in Salt Lake City is about to die. It was founded on February 14, 2009. In two years 28 meetups were held. For us it has been a nice opportunity to meet fellow German expats in Utah but let’s face it: There are not enough of us to keep a group running.
Relevant German meetups have 1000+ members:
The New York City German Language Meetup Group (1507)
The New York City German Culture Meetup Group (1440)
The Washington, DC German Language Meetup Group (1435)
German Netzwerk Toronto (1426)
SF German Stammtisch (1362)
The Greater Vancouver German Language Meetup Group (1068)

There is still opportunities for German language networking in Utah:
German-American Society of Utah
and the facebook group Germans in Utah.


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