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Oct 11, 2011

Three Forms of Sinfulness

Elihu chides Job for speaking and acting in a self-righteousness manner by continuing to maintain his innocence. He basically calls him out on his sin of pride. Sin comes in three forms – pride, sloth and falsehood:

Oct 10, 2011

God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy

Let me compare two teachers of wisdom:

Elihu: “God is greater than any human being.”

Billy Currington: “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy”

Oct 9, 2011

Age doesn’t always bring Wisdom

Elihu allows himself to speak up:
“I am young, and you are old, so I was afraid to tell you what I think. I told myself that you ought to speak, that you older men should share your wisdom. But it is the spirit of Almighty God that comes to us and gives us wisdom. It is not growing old that makes us wise or helps us to know what is right. So now I want you to listen to me; let me tell you what I think.”