Keep Email Affordable



Please support the “Keep Email Affordable Alliance” by joining their facebook group.
Here is their appeal:
BYU president Cecil O. Samuelson and UVU president Matthew S. Holland urge Utah Valley residents to support the “Keep Email Affordable Alliance”. Postage rates are going up again for postcards and letters to Canada and Mexico according to Fox News. The new .xxx domain that was recently approved for porn sites will result in higher costs for domain-servers and the infrastructure of the internet as a whole according to Mashable. All these increases put a lot of pressure on high volume email service like yahoo or google mail. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is expected to charge a fee for every email sent starting this summer. The amount is yet to be determined. According to Reuters ICANN is only expected to charge for email services using .com domains. The top-level domains .org and .edu are said to be exempt at this point, due to their non-profit nature. Presidents Samuelson and Holland applaud the exemptions for their institutional email networks yet they want email to stay affordable for all as well.


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