2 Chronicles 6:18-42



Today’s Reading is 2 Chronicles 6:18-42.
Solomon’s prayer to God continues in today’s reading. The King wants to make sure that his temple is the only legit place for worship. This prayer is not actually prayer to but more a declaration to the people – in the following cases I want you to turn to my central authority:

Verse 22 When people are accused of wronging others and are brought to your altar in this Temple to take an oath that they are innocent
Verse 24 When your people Israel are defeated by their enemies
Verse 26 When you hold back the rain
Verse 28 When there is famine in the land or an epidemic or the crops are destroyed by scorching winds or swarms of locusts, or when your people are attacked by their enemies, or when there is disease or sickness among them

Over and over again the king repeats: “Then they will know that this Temple I have built is where you are to be worshiped.”


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