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The preaching category of this blog is also available as a podcast in the itunes store.
It is done through posterous.
Here is how:

First you need a device to record your audio. I use an iPod touch with ILUV Earphones, Remote and Microphone

Second you need to transfer your recording to your computer for a couple of reasons:
a) You want to edit it before publication.
b) An iPod touch only allows you to email very short voice memos.

Third you need to edit your audio file by cutting off what is not needed at the beginning or ending, enhancing volumes, add an intro and a few other things. That can easily be done with Audacity which is free and super easy to use.

Fourth you upload your file to your posterous. They pretty much guide you through everything. I use the autopost function to have my sermons sent here and to my congregation.

Fifth you run your feed through feedburner to make sure you keep track of your success.

Sixth you take your burned feed, go to iTunes and click the Advanced Menu and choose Subscribe to Podcast. Paste the URL and click OK. You’re subscribed. That means the latest episode is downloaded and iTunes will periodically check for new episodes. If there’s a new one, it will download it.

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