Holiness and Airness



With USA Today’s Top25 most influential people there are 4 men related to sports and spirituality. We are sorry there are only men, but it looks like women are not equally influential at all. They are just represented as media workers: Oprah Winfrey (3), J.K. Rowling (20) or ambitious wives: Bill & Hillary Clinton (21&22).
Half of the sport-and-spirituality-guys are abusers and half of them are rightful bearers of their label: Osama bin Laden (6) is known and claims to be a Muslim but as an Islamist he is rather and abuser of religion. Lance Armstrong (8) was widely recognized as professional cyclist but then gained discredit through drug abuse which is not part of true sportsmanship. Pope John Paul II (9) is a true representative of proper religion. Michael Jordan (17) is a pope, too. His domion was named basketball.
Summary: His Holiness and His Airness make the list a draw.

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