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Mar 4, 2015

Living Legacy

God walks behind us and charges ahead at the same time. God is all around us and transforms us from within. That will show in how we live and talk and how we call ourselves. There will be outward signs of that transformation.

A Sermon for the Second Sunday in Lent 2015 based on Genesis 17:1-16 and Mark 8:31-38.

Feb 24, 2015

Blessed Connections – Sermon Podcast

Looking for a pot’o’gold at the end of the rainbow:

A Sermon for the First Sunday in Lent 2015 based on Genesis 9:8-17 and 1 Peter 3:18-22.

Nov 22, 2013

My Top Sermons of 2013

The end of the year is fast approaching. So it is once again time to count views. Last January I had a three part sermon series about how the art of religion and the art of war are essentially one and the same thing. Those three sermons were particularly popular with my Youtube audience.

From the Holy Quran, from the Surat Al-`Ankabūt, which means The Spider: “And whoever struggles only struggles for himself.” (Quran 29:6)

“If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also” is not a commandment to surrender but a way of finding a position of strength!

Are you willing to pick up that wrestling with God? Do you have a goal in this fight? Have you seen gain from this battle? Are you willing to break the rules and spread the word about this fight club?

Dec 19, 2012

My Top Five Sermons of 2012

It’s that time of year again – a time to highlight this year’s most popular sermons:

1. Finding your Gifts of the Spirit – Pentecost
2. Learn and Grow
3. Greed
4. The Gospel according to Sting: If you love somebody let them go!
5. Labor Sunday

Which one is your favorite?

Nov 19, 2012

You Didn’t Build That

A Sermon for Thanksgiving 2012:

Nov 12, 2012

I Pledge Allegiance

A sermon for Veterans Day and Stewardship Sunday 2012:

Oct 22, 2012

Safe Church

Provo Community United Church of Christ is committed to creating a safe church environment for all that attend any of our programs. Sunday’s sermon was just about that: Safe Church

Oct 8, 2012

World Communion Sunday

Commemorating World Communion Sunday the sermon last Sunday was about Church Online:

Oct 1, 2012

Harvest Festival: Erntedank

Commemorating the German Version of a Harvest Festival the sermon last Sunday was about Thanksgiving:

Sep 9, 2012

Learn and Grow

On Christian Education Sunday 2012 the sermon was about “Learn & Grow”