Apr 24, 2007

Stadium and Church @ Flickr and Photobucket

What about stadiums and churches on the major Photo Sharing Sites?
Here are the facts:

flickr found 553,857 photos tagged with church.
photobucket has 74,805 church images.

flickr found 71,565 photos tagged with stadium.
photobucket has 13,951 stadium images.

On both sites churches are more popular than stadiums are.

Apr 22, 2007

Week 16 summary of sport and spirituality on twitter

Unfortunately The Twitterverse Search does not deliver any results younger than April 16. That is why we had to switch to The Twittermap Search for our daily tweets.

Week 15 Twitterment Comparison:

Conclusion: Twice per day there are as many people doing a workout as there are people saying a prayer. That is at 7am and 4pm.

Apr 21, 2007

Mass gaining of Christmas

LJ57 is the winner of Bodybuilding.com’s Topic-Of-The-Week-Contest. The Question is: “How Does Your Training Regimen Change With The Seasons?” LJ57 lives in the Purgatory and signs his forum posts as follows: “From apes or sons of God, let every act be sacred.” So it is not astonishing that he writes about winter training: “During the winter there are many holidays as well (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.) Being in a mass building stage will allow you to splurge a little with your family, and not feel so guilty about it.” Christmas is a great season for mass building.

Apr 20, 2007

Santa Dirk wishes Merry Christmas

Dirk Nowitzki is filming a Dallas Mavericks Video. Among other things he acts as Santa Claus, shouts “Ho ho ho!” and wishes “Merry Christmas!”

Apr 15, 2007

Week 15 summary of sport and spirituality on twitter

The Twitterverse Search includes data from Sunday, April 8, 2007 to present. So that’s a whole week by now. Since Wednesday PlayersPrayers is on twitter as well and the one thing we do is to perform Twitterverse Searches for “workout” and “prayer” every day. Each Sunday there will be a weekly update here on this blog.

Week 15 summary of sport and spirituality on twitter:
Total Search Results for workout: 34
Total Search Results for prayer: 21
Most workout results on Tuesday with 9 hits and Thursday with 8 hits.
Most prayer results on Monday with 5 hits

Workout of the week
Prayer of the week

Apr 15, 2007

Rheinfire vs. Berlin Thunder

The NFL Europa Season has started. Here is what happened in Düsseldorf:

Rheinfire’s Mascot Bernie sent from heaven to help his team.

Before Kickoff the audience is purged by a Gospel.

Thunder’s Quarterback Travis Lulay relies on God’s Help. Even for winning a football match.

All pictures on flickr.

Apr 6, 2007

sportive Easter

A happy sportive Easter to our readers!
On Maundy Thursday there were as many NHL games as disciples joined Jesus for supper and 2 NBA games. On Good Friday there were 13 NBA games and 3 NHL games. On Easter Sunday there are 6 NBA games and 5 NHL games. Enjoy the games, but dont’t forget the reading.

Mar 26, 2007

Joy Enrique blesses Virgil Hill

Joy Enriquez’s myspace profile is filed under “Christian / Pop / R&B”.
As her next upcoming show you find:
“Mar 31 2007 8:00P Live Performance Munich”
Most of her songs are based on faith. In Munich she will perform her new song “Conquer” as walk-in for her friend Virgil Hill after presenting The Star-Sprangled Banner.

Mar 12, 2007

International Philosophy Soccer Match

Germany’s greatest philosophers are desperately beaten by ancient Greeks. Manager of the German team is Dr. Martin Luther. Thomas Aquinas serves as a linesman.

Mar 11, 2007

Bibles for the olympics

Liu Bainian, Vice President of the Patriotic Association in China, suggests to put Bibles at Beijing’s hotel rooms in preparation of the 2008 Olympic Games. In general the destribution of Bibles is constricted by the communist regime.
via CHINAdaily