Sermon Podcast: Crossing Jordan

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Listen to a sermon by the Rev. Daniel Haas. It was based on Joshua 3:14-17 and delivered at Provo Community United Church of Christ on October 30th 2011.


Comfort Food for the Soul

Little is known about the minor prophet named Nahum. His name means “comforter”. And he has a comforting theology – God is presented as a God who will punish evil but will protect those who trust in Him:

“The LORD does not easily become angry, but he is powerful and never lets the guilty go unpunished.”

“The LORD is good; he protects his people in times of trouble; he takes care of those who turn to him.”


I trust no one, not even myself

Trust issues are pretty common:

“You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself.”
― Marilyn Monroe

“I trust no one, not even myself.”
― Joseph Stalin

“Don’t believe your neighbor or trust your friend. Be careful what you say even to your husband or wife. In these times sons treat their fathers like fools, daughters oppose their mothers, and young women quarrel with their mothers-in-law; your enemies are the members of your own family.”
― Micah 7


God has told you, O mortal, what is good

Today’s Reading is from Micah 6:
“God has told you, O mortal, what is good”
This short line looks so straightforward but it has a couple of profound insights:
1. We need to be told what is good, we cannot do that ourselves!
2. We need to be willing to listen, which more often than not we don’t do!


Social Media Break evaluated

This past week I have been on a social media hiatus. I did not personally log onto twitter or facebook for seven days.

:-) It was not as hard. I did not feel any withdrawal symptoms, just the occasional inconvenience of not having people’s email or phone numbers handy without using facebook as my telephone book. But then again, it was only a week.

RSS I do not miss any news that are important to me due to a lack of facebook or twitter. Everything I need to know I learn through the 67 RSS feeds I am currently subscribed to. I guess I am simply an old-school blogger.

Twitter vs. Facebook:
In an earlier post I reflected on my use of facebook versus my use of twitter. With facebook being about the people I am really engaging with, turns out I do not really need to access twitter personally.

facebook is useful for building and maintaining relationships. Facebook is not a news source or pastime for me. I will remain a power user.
Twitter does not serve my communication or information needs. I will only use it as one outlet for my publications.

Taking this one week break hurt my Klout. Klout is the standard measure of online influence and mine dropped 1.35 points. Not a good thing. I am glad to be back.