Social Media Break evaluated

This past week I have been on a social media hiatus. I did not personally log onto twitter or facebook for seven days.

:-) It was not as hard. I did not feel any withdrawal symptoms, just the occasional inconvenience of not having people’s email or phone numbers handy without using facebook as my telephone book. But then again, it was only a week.

RSS I do not miss any news that are important to me due to a lack of facebook or twitter. Everything I need to know I learn through the 67 RSS feeds I am currently subscribed to. I guess I am simply an old-school blogger.

Twitter vs. Facebook:
In an earlier post I reflected on my use of facebook versus my use of twitter. With facebook being about the people I am really engaging with, turns out I do not really need to access twitter personally.

facebook is useful for building and maintaining relationships. Facebook is not a news source or pastime for me. I will remain a power user.
Twitter does not serve my communication or information needs. I will only use it as one outlet for my publications.

Taking this one week break hurt my Klout. Klout is the standard measure of online influence and mine dropped 1.35 points. Not a good thing. I am glad to be back.


Social Media Break (7 days)

Starting now I will take a one week break from my personal twitter and facebook activity. All my publishing here on this and other blogs will still appear on both platforms. It is just that I do not personally log onto them for seven days. This is a good test of how time-consuming my style of social-networking really is. Until next week I can be reached via email or telephone.


Occupy Wall Street

More than a hash-tag #occupywallstreet is protesting against social and economic inequality, corporate greed, and the influence of corporate money and lobbyists on government, among other concerns. The author of Psalm 72 prescribes the following remedy:
“Teach the king to judge with your righteousness, O God; share with him your own justice, so that he will rule over your people with justice and govern the oppressed with righteousness. May the land enjoy prosperity; may it experience righteousness. May the king judge the poor fairly; may he help the needy and defeat their oppressors.”


Twitter vs. Facebook

They are both huge and I need them both even though I have never been able to describe what they are good for. Now I found the quote I’ve needed:

“I liken Facebook to a class reunion.
I liken Twitter to a huge roundtable discussion.”

Or even more concise in my own words:

“Facebook: Who?
Twitter: What?”

Please follow me on twitter and facebook!


Believe out Loud

Believe out Loud
came out with this wonderful new video for mothers day:

And: Today the Presbyterian Church (USA) will most likely cross the threshold on a vote to change language in our constitution that, for more than a decade, has required ordained leadership in the church to hold a position of fidelity in marriage between a man and a woman or chastity in singleness. If you would like to track the most up-to-date results of voting you can follow Bruce Reyes-Chow on twitter and or follow the twitter hashtags: #10a or #pcusa.