Romans 10:5-17

Today’s Reading is Romans 10:5-17.

Verses 5-8 remind us to not focus on a distant future or fate or a place up in heaven or down in hell but to only look and live right here, right now. Jesus said the same thing in his sermon on the mount: “So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings.” (Matthew 6:34)

Verse 12 makes clear that God’s salvation is for everyone, no exceptions. A modern-day version of “Jews and Gentiles” would include people of all races, gender identities and faith traditions. Radical inclusion is the only option for a faith community truely based in God’s extravagant love. Once you start to reject certain people, this is what you get:

Verse 17 has been the sad basis for one of the silliest exclusions churches have erected: It was held that the hearing-impaired could not be saved because they were not able to acoustically perceive the good news. Our little human minds cannot even begin to grasp the all-encompassing love of God: No exceptions!


Romans 6:1-23

Today’s chapter is Romans 6. Here one can find the core of Paul’s theologia crucis. There is no celebration of the great human mind or our capability to create our own destiny but quite the opposite: Think of yourselves as dead (Verse 11). It’s all about acknowledging you’re lost – and for that matter found. It’s all about acknowledging you’re dead – and for that matter resurrected already. Take on Christ’s death, pretty much like Jesus describes it in Mark 8:31-38. His resurrection has already happened for you!


Romans 5:1-21

Today’s Passage is Romans 5:1-21

Verse 1 brings us right back to the fact that we are saved by faith alone.

Verses 3-4 reminds me of a sermon I preached on May 30th 2010: Peace with God. It is about the exercise aspect of the Gospel: Kids practicing their endurance and a friend of mine getting ready for the Iron Man.

Verse 16 stresses that we are saved without deserving it: We are not able to earn, add or take away from salvation. It is freely given. Good news!

Verse 20 has a logic that has blown great minds: The bigger our sin the bigger God’s grace. Martin Luther is known for his down-to-earth quotes. Here are some very good one based on our verse:
“A happy fart never comes from a miserable ass.”(Uncommon Travel Germany)
“You did not burp, you did not fart, didn’t you like the meal.”(Guardian)
“Sin boldly!” (WikiQuote)


Romans 1:1-17

It is still not final whether I am really gonna use this blog for the journey or my profile over at YouVersion where I have posted today’s reflection on Romans 1:1-17:

Verse 16 is a reminder that God’s covenant is first and foremost with God’s chosen people of Israel. Us Goyim, especially the Roman sort, come as a secondary addition to God’s first love. God’s one and only covenant is extended to include even us.

Verse 17 is a reference to Habakkuk 2:4 and helped shape the Reformation concept of sola fide.