Spiritual Direction

I provide pastoral care in my capacities as pastor and chaplain. But I also work with people who are not affiliated with church or military. This ministry is called spiritual direction. A spiritual director accompanies people on their spiritual journeys offering gentle check ins. The tempo is much slower than in other helping relationships. To learn more about how it compares, please check out this chart offered by Spiritual Directors International.

While I accompany people from all walks of life, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, religions and convictions, I have found that two groups find my direction most helpful:

Military veterans and spouses
My background in military ministry enables me to relate more closely to feelings of pain and guilt. I understand the struggle with separation and can accompany military veterans and spouses on their coping journeys.

As an immigrant myself, I can remember the physical headache that switching from one language to another initially causes. The soul is strained by living in different cultures, finding a new identity between expat and immigrant, and managing the logistics of intercontinental family life. I can help you connect to your source of strength that can sustain you.

A good frequency for spiritual direction sessions is once a month. However, I also work with individuals on an ongoing basis via text message or WhatsApp. If you live in the greater Houston area, face-to-face sessions are possible. Otherwise, Skype offers great flexibility independent of location. Members of the congregation or military unit I serve will never be charged.

To schedule a session please send me an email at rev@danielhaas.org or call or text 801-368-1180.