Social Media for Churches

My family had a rotary phone when I was a kid. I also started blogging blog before WordPress came out. If you need help for your church to figure this online thing out, I might be able to help you.

  • Are you looking for a church online presence that is easy to update?
  • Do you want to reach more people using social media?
  • Do you need to renovate your aging website?
  • Do you have training needs for your church secretary, pastor, and/or volunteers?
  • Do you want to save trees by moving your newsletter from paper to email?
  • Do you long for a way to offer online giving?

As a life-long pastor I have been there, done that. I understand that politics and a sense of nostalgia can be challenging. But it can be done. Below are a few examples of church websites I have set up and launched for various church settings since 2006.

A few things to consider:

  • Who is in charge of content creation?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are all the ways in which you communicate with your members?
  • What types of media do you regularly create?
  • Who needs to know what?

After a thorough discussion of things like that, comes what most churches want to know first: “What is our new website gonna look like?” Well, it depends. First, there are your communication needs, and second there are your design wants. Let me help you with both. Please make initial contact for a free consultation by sending me an email.