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May 9, 2011

Annoying Germans

ProfessorBainbridge, if you think The Spiegel speaks for the Germans you must also think The New York Times speaks for the Americans. I don’t think so. Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle officially and clearly welcomed “the news that Osama bin Laden would never again be able to perpetrate such acts of terrorism.”
Concerning the infamous impact Germany had on the history of the 21st century please refer to my sermon on Yom HaShoah.
– The German people are stuck with the sin of the Holocaust for three to four generations, i.e. my grandkids will be free.
– The German constitution does not allow foreign wars because this people knows how destructive they can be on the world stage.

Apr 29, 2011

British Tweet Wars

The thing I found most interesting in preparation for the royal wedding was the big showdown between @PiersMorgan and @Lord_Sugar – face-to-face in-front of Buckingham Palace:

Apr 22, 2011

Dumb place

Whenever you find a text online and you want to copy it to one of your documents you will encounter formatting issues. Word does act weird when confronted with already formatted text.
Here is the fix: A dumb place.

Apr 16, 2011

Copy Umlauts

To all you Umlaut lovers out there. CopyPasteCharacter is a pretty easy way to, well, copy and paste characters that are not immediately available on your keyboard.
Recommended by OpenForum.

Apr 1, 2011

Keep Email Affordable

Please support the “Keep Email Affordable Alliance” by joining their facebook group.
Here is their appeal:
BYU president Cecil O. Samuelson and UVU president Matthew S. Holland urge Utah Valley residents to support the “Keep Email Affordable Alliance”. Postage rates are going up again for postcards and letters to Canada and Mexico according to Fox News. The new .xxx domain that was recently approved for porn sites will result in higher costs for domain-servers and the infrastructure of the internet as a whole according to Mashable. All these increases put a lot of pressure on high volume email service like yahoo or google mail. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is expected to charge a fee for every email sent starting this summer. The amount is yet to be determined. According to Reuters ICANN is only expected to charge for email services using .com domains. The top-level domains .org and .edu are said to be exempt at this point, due to their non-profit nature. Presidents Samuelson and Holland applaud the exemptions for their institutional email networks yet they want email to stay affordable for all as well.

Mar 10, 2011

Provo Airport

Last week Provo made national headlines with the announcement of scheduled service by Frontier Airlines direct to Provo’s airport. Flights can be booked online for dates starting June 21st. Flights go to Denver, then can connect to a number of major cities in the United States. PVU is less than three miles away from our home!

via Sterling Beck

Mar 7, 2011

Twitterfeed is dead

At least as far as I am concerned. Since my feed runs through feedburner anyway I gave Socialize a chance and here is the result:

No missed posts, no noticeable delays.

You should give Socialize a try, too.

Mar 5, 2011

Germans in Utah

Germans in Utah
The meetup group Germans in Salt Lake City is about to die. It was founded on February 14, 2009. In two years 28 meetups were held. For us it has been a nice opportunity to meet fellow German expats in Utah but let’s face it: There are not enough of us to keep a group running.
Relevant German meetups have 1000+ members:
The New York City German Language Meetup Group (1507)
The New York City German Culture Meetup Group (1440)
The Washington, DC German Language Meetup Group (1435)
German Netzwerk Toronto (1426)
SF German Stammtisch (1362)
The Greater Vancouver German Language Meetup Group (1068)

There is still opportunities for German language networking in Utah:
German-American Society of Utah
and the facebook group Germans in Utah.

Mar 3, 2011

Now with a mobile-friendly theme

On your iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile devices my blog now looks like a native app thanks to the WPtouch theme.
WPtouch theme

Feb 27, 2011

Publish a Podcast through Posterous

The preaching category of this blog is also available as a podcast in the itunes store.
It is done through posterous.
Here is how:

First you need a device to record your audio. I use an iPod touch with ILUV Earphones, Remote and Microphone

Second you need to transfer your recording to your computer for a couple of reasons:
a) You want to edit it before publication.
b) An iPod touch only allows you to email very short voice memos.

Third you need to edit your audio file by cutting off what is not needed at the beginning or ending, enhancing volumes, add an intro and a few other things. That can easily be done with Audacity which is free and super easy to use.

Fourth you upload your file to your posterous. They pretty much guide you through everything. I use the autopost function to have my sermons sent here and to my congregation.

Fifth you run your feed through feedburner to make sure you keep track of your success.

Sixth you take your burned feed, go to iTunes and click the Advanced Menu and choose Subscribe to Podcast. Paste the URL and click OK. You’re subscribed. That means the latest episode is downloaded and iTunes will periodically check for new episodes. If there’s a new one, it will download it.

via posterous