Besuchsdienst is the German word for visiting services. This non-profit is based on one-on-one visits where volunteers go out to long-term care facilities / hospitals in order to bring the social and emotional comfort that only a conversation in your native language can provide.

“Individuals and groups have a right to use their preferred language.” (National Association of Social Workers)

It is quite common for aging residents and patients to experience dementia-related regression to their childhood language. Residents and patients who grew up speaking German when they were young are often the only ones who still know the language. Children and grandchildren mostly did not learn or maintain it. That turns into a disadvantage in times of great social and emotional need.

The intervention that Besuchsdienst offers, is to provide the comfort of being understood. That results in residents’ and patients’ increased ability to cope with their current situation. This sense of connection can raise their resilience level.

As of September 2019 our services are limited to the greater Houston area. To request a volunteer visit, please email or call 713-487-9274

Wer ist daran interessiert beim Besuchsdienst mitzumachen?
Das beinhaltet, an einer dreistündigen Einführung teilzunehmen, ein polizeiliches Führungszeugnis vorzulegen und für Menschen da zu sein, die Unterstützung brauchen:
□ Neuhinzugezogene
□ AltenheimbewohnerInnen
□ Familien mit Militärbezug

Bitte meldet euch bei oder ruft 713-487-9274 an.