How fakenews spread



I live in a bubble. Most of what I see online is similar to what I’ve seen before. I read posts and shares by my friends who have one thing or another in common with me. And guess what: since you’re reading this, you are close to my bubble. In my bubble a lot folks have shared a fun meme recently:

Benign enough, right? Coffee gives you a boost and inspiration to start something new and courageous. Also it connects to current events with Reformation Day just around the corner. I almost shared it, too. But I didn’t. I fact checked first.

According to the National Coffee Association, the hot beverage didn’t make it to Europe till the 17th century. Procafe gets even more specific dating coffee in Europe for 1615.

Here is the problem. Mostly it’s not just Halloween-themed coffee. The most outrageous claims that defy science, history or just common decency can spread because people share what impulsively appeals to them. Don’t do that! It’s like giving someone a decaf pretending it’s the real deal. Or like the threat of eternal damnation unless you submit to a certain authority. Both coffee and Luther deserve better!


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