Always review your Amazon Subscribe & Save Subscriptions



We mostly drink home-made lattes. So finding a good deal on espresso is important in our house. Amazon absolutely outdoes local retail. So for quite some time I had a coffee subscription with them.

Today I got an email with a price alert:
The new price for four bricks of Lavazza was supposed to be $20.89 (after 5% discount). The price has increased from $17.20 since my last delivery. Now with inflation I found a price increase acceptable but still wanted to double-check if I got the best deal available. So I looked the item up and a one-time purchase was $19.29 and a subscription $19.66.

I sent this dilemma to Amazon Customer Service with two questions:
Why is my subscription more expensive than a new subscription?
Why is the subscription more expensive than a one-time purchase?

I received a prompt reply but it is even more disturbing: “In this case, you can cancel this subscription and resubscribe at lower rate.”
I did and now I got it at $18.31. All of a sudden the subscription was cheaper than the one-time purchase. So a little negotiating saved me roughly 10%. No big deal, you may say whether I pay $18 or $20 for my coffee. But please keep in mind: Amazon has 310 million active customers. If every subscriber is overcharged 10% it becomes a big deal really quick. Lesson learned: Always review your Amazon Subscribe & Save Subscriptions.


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