Labor Sunday featuring Warner P. Woodworth



At the Labor Sunday worship service, Sept. 1, 2013, we had Warner P. Woodworth and Daniel Haas co-preach:

After centuries of labor success in building America, our nation is in trouble. There is a great reversal to these strategies by rich and powerful individuals who seek to destroy unions, to cut social security and Medicare, to make so-called “Right to Work States” (i.e. disempower unions), to raise the wealth of the 1 percent while reducing the pittance of the masses, etc. They have the money and political clout to succeed in recent decades…Witness the sky high increases in corporate incomes, decline in wages and wealth, growth of unemployment and underemployment, the attack on public employees, reduced state budgets, Washington’s “sequestration,” the horrendous Great Recession fostered by a decade of greed, big business smothering small business, congressional attacks on masses of the poor, the mortgage crisis, current attempts to shut down the federal government, and so on.

Our America which historically was a nation with a large middle class with a small amount of poverty and a small number of truly wealthy families at the top…but it’s now bifurcated into two countries: one rich, the other poor. Society has changed into an hour glass shape with lots of millionaires at the top, and a huge class of have-nots at the base.

May we remember and honor the union movement that built the United States!

See the full video here:


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