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Sep 28, 2012

America, You Sexy Bitch

America, You Sexy Bitch is not a book. Based on the #twitterrelationship between @McCainBlogette and @michaelianblack it is a road trip project that should lead to a movie.

Two people that are very different take you along on a crazy ride all over the US. Quite truthfully I only wanted to review the whole thing mostly because of their stop in Salt Lake City, Utah, so close to my home. Here is how @michaelianblack sums it up: “SLC is LDS, and being there can make you feel like you are on LSD.” What unravels from there is a wonderful almost classic road trip movie. Oh, wait, it’s just on paper. Anyway, they should make a movie out of it because the landscapes and people are so real.

The whole #twitterrelationship could be summed up by listing all the #hashtags and #twitterhandles they encounter along the way. Luckily Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black do agree on a shortlist of their whole trip which starts with Las Vegas strippers:

Vegas Lap Dances: McCain and Black’s Strip Club Stories from Commonwealth Club on

In Branson, Missouri, they didn’t find ultimate love but a truely shocking experience:

In Memphis, Tennessee, Meghan McCain tweeted “Michael and I have relocated to Graceland” whereas he had more mundane desires:

Ultimately a lot revolves around Ian Michael Black being scared of @SenJohnMcCain. And one of the climaxes toward the end of the journey is a dinner with this group:

Go ahead, buy the book, it is a very enjoyable read until the movie comes out:

Sep 9, 2012

Learn and Grow

On Christian Education Sunday 2012 the sermon was about “Learn & Grow”

Sep 2, 2012

Labor Sunday

The Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, September 2, is Labor Sunday, a day to look at the realities of the labor market in Utah County, the struggles and opportunities people in our community are having. At Provo Community United Church of Christ we had LeAnn Powell as a guest speaker who works hard to help people find employment. She introduced us to faces of joblessness in Utah County and also introduced resources for a successful job hunt.