Republican Convention: my take on select speeches



In Tampa there was one speaker who is truly presidential material. And no: it’s neither the candidate nor the VP pick. Here is my take on a few select speeches

Mia Love: Mormons don’t have to be white men but they do have to be Republicans.

Christ Christie: I should be the next President but Mitt is cool as well.

Paul Ryan: I hate Obamacare.

Condoleeza Rice: Republicans need to become more reasonable when it comes to Foreign Aid.

Ron Paul: The speech that never happened, or:
How Do You Even Make a Four-Minute Ron Paul Tribute Video That Doesn’t Once Reference U.S. Foreign Policy?

Clint Eastwood: Boy, have I gotten old!

Mitt Romney: I can build successful businesses and that’s all it takes to be President.

Only if you made it to the center of my list you could be a future president.
Conclusion: Obama is winning 2012. Rice should be shooting for 2016.


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