Churches to Pubs



One London neighborhood had to many churches and too few pubs so they did the obvious and converted a place of prayer to a place of beer:

In Utah we have the same problem yet we don’t follow the London solution instead the total number of liquor licenses allowed by law is one per 7,850 people in the state.

Let’s compare that to England once more:
Manningtree in Essex has five pubs and 900 people – that’s 180 people per pub. Also keen to claim the title of most pubs per capita are Otley, in West Yorkshire, with 21 pubs for 15,000 people, equaling 714 people per pub; Beeston in Nottinghamshire with 18 pubs for its population of 21,000; and Brighton and Hove, with 278 pubs for 250,000 residents.

That is about the church per capita rate in Utah.


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