Newt Year in Jerusalem

At the Republican Jewish Coalition debate the other day, Newt Gingrich declared: “So in a Gingrich administration, the opening day, there will be an executive order about two hours after the inaugural address; we will send the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as of that day.”

The Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. Since 1998, the relocation of the embassy from Tel Aviv has been suspended by the sitting President semi-annually based on national security concerns as provided for in section 7 of the Act. Newt Gingrich obviously wants to stop this practice and finally enact the law.

“Arise, Jerusalem, and shine like the sun”, says the prophet in today’s reading Isaiah 60:1-22 and continues: “They will call you ‘The City of the LORD,’ ‘Zion, the City of Israel’s Holy God’.”