Geocaching Initiation

SwissToday I logged my first geocache! The day before yesterday was my first try to locate the one that is closest to our house. I was inspired by hananja who is trying to send me a Gecoin from Switzerland.

c:geoc:geo is a magnificent app and the gps in my VIZIO Tablet delivers an astonishingly accurate position.

I took the girls. One of the logs for the cache even stated: “Fun and easy one to do with the kids”. Well guess what: I was sure we stood in-front of the right tree yet could not find the cache. All of a sudden “easy” reads like “stupid if you don’t find it right away”. The hint “arkg gb gur fghzc haqre fbzr onex” did not help much. Frustrated and back at home I logged onto to see whether I can find more details that c:geo had not revealed. YES: There is is a decrypt button next to the hint! It means: “next to the stump under some bark” Gee, thanks, that is exactly what I would have needed down by the river and guess what the app could have told me that, too. Today I found it in no time. Stupid Newbie. Anyway: I am hooked!

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