The trumpets of Jericho

The city wall of Jericho did not tumble because priests blew their trumpets. It did not come down at all. Canaanite settlements in this period didn’t even have walls. Look at this 15th century painting by Jean Fouquet:
The fall of jericho
Jericho looks like a 15th century city!
What we have in today’s reading Joshua 6:1-27 does not want to be a historical account of sorts but it has two distinct purposes:

First: It shows that God is faithful toward the prostitute Rahab.
Second: The taking of Jericho resembles a liturgical celebration more than a military engagement.

This is a celebration of God’s faithfulness as verse 25 makes clear: “Her descendants have lived in Israel to this day.” Every generation tells stories of the good ol’ days to interpret its presence. What are your walls God needs to break down?

May they all come tumbling down:

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