Casual Couponing

I really enjoy Extreme Couponing – watching the TV show that is. The lesson it teaches is straight forward: In order to make money you have to put in a lot of work – the harder you work the more you make. All that I enjoy watching from a distance on TV.

Back in the real world couponing still looks appealing to me because it is so freaking easy. I don’t want to put in a lot of time or effort so I’m okay with not cashing in big time. But a little effort can bring you far with Casual Couponing in Utah:

I have two easy steps:

1. Whenever a coupon circular is in the paper I file under its date.

2. I use grocerysmarts to match coupons and sales:
Sunday: Target, Walgreens, RiteAid
Monday: Harmon’s
Wednesday: Smith’s, Macey’s and Fresh Market
Since I have to go grocery shopping at least once a week anyway I allow a matched list to direct me to a particular store.

Without adding more work, any suggestions for improvement?

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I wouldn’t wanna teach it because I am a newbie myself and way to casual about. I am pretty sure I could get one of our neighborhood ladies to come in and fire us up one Tuesday night. Maybe that would inspire me to bring my game up. And quite truthfully: canned food you can get for free all the time once you are serious about it – imagine what that would do to our food drive…

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