Gender Bender?



Denny Burk almost blames the victim: 22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis was kicked and punched in the head until she appears to have a seizure. She is a victim of anti-transgender hate. Burk thinks she must not be called “She” because, well, he doesn’t like that:
“In the Christian worldview, maleness and femaleness originate with the creative intention of God, not with a social construct we learn from human culture. In the beginning God differentiates humankind as male and female, and God unambiguously calls this differentiation “good” (Genesis 1:27, 31).”

First of: How come you know “The Christian World View”?
Second: The creation story does not “differentiate humankind as male and female” but quite the opposite: In a society where the value of a women is measured in camels, the God of Israel makes it a point to call man and woman equal to one another and even God! Differences don’t matter all that much!
Denny Burk, even though you claim to pray for both the victim and the victimizers you certainly add fuel to the fire of hatred.


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