Do you believe in reality?



Economist David Friedman looks at the real-life value of religious belief from an atheist’s position. His findings suggest that the more fundamentalist your believes are the less they actually matter in your life.
Or wording it positively from my perspective: Don’t check your brain at the church door!


2 responses to “Do you believe in reality?”

  1. As your readers can see if they follow the link to my blog post, your summary is at best misleading. The group that, I argue, is most clearly unaffected by its religious beliefs is not fundamentalists but mainline Protestants.

    1. Well, sorry for misrepresenting your point. What I got from your post was:\

      Mainline Protestants’ belief is in accordance with their overall perception of the world – what you called: “the same things college professors and elite media such as the New York Times believe”. So their faith is part of their life.

      For fundamentalists “a significant part of what they reject is modern science” as you put it. So a neurosurgeon checks his brain at the church door on Sundays to enter a realm of something that does not relate the the other six days of the week.

      Better now?

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