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This is day 10 of Love being questioned. Greg Boyd has actually read Love Wins
and summarizes it like this: “It’s mainly about the unfathomably beautiful character of God revealed in Jesus Christ and therefore about the unfathomably good nature of the Good News.”

Now John Dyer does not want too many people have a say in the discussion: “Do you think it is wrong for every Christian with an iPhone to tweet their answers to the above questions from restaurant bathrooms and then go home and blog about it?”
Here is my answer: No, it is not wrong but perfectly necessary and here is why:
Once upon a time there was a bunch of slaves in Egypt, their masters wanted them to shut up but God wanted them to be free. The people went to the promised land establishing a freer society for themselves until the Romans came in and wanted them to worship their Emperor and not that crazy freedom-loving God. Eventually one Jewish group gathered around a guy named Jesus who questioned the elites of his time and enabled communication that was deemed dangerous by the establishment. They killed him but word got out and spread all over the known world – into new cultural spheres and languages and eventually became a world-wide movement. Then one Bishop in Rome decided his language should be the only permissible church language thus limiting discussion. Along came the reformation using native languages for Bible and worship, modern printing technology to get the word out and basically enable as many people as possible to share the good news. All of you should presume to be bloggers!


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