Hymns that stand the test of time

Christianity Today put together a list of 27 hymns that have been top-sellers since the 1870s. The Inventory surveyed for this essay totals 4,905 hymns, found in successive hymnal editions of the following six mainline Protestant denominations:
* Anglican (Episcopal), four editions, from 1892
* American Baptist, four editions, from 1883
* Congregational (United Church of Christ), five editions, from 1897
* Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, five editions, from 1899
* United Methodist, five editions, from 1878
* Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), five editions, from 1885
The table presents the 13 hymns that have appeared in all 28 hymnals, as well as 9 others that appear in 27 of the 28 hymnals, and 5 more that appear in 26 of the 28 hymnals:
Hymns That Last

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