A Day in the Life of a Pastor



Pastors just lead worship for about an hour on Sundays, right? Well, here is how my day is going today – an almost live-blogging event.
6:45 “Daddy, diaper!”
7:15 “Daddy, pancakes!”
8:15 Shower
8:45 Scraping the ice off my car
9:00 AA group forgot to put the church trash cans out in the street
9:15 Exchanging text messages with 5 parishioners while speaking on the phone with another one
9:30 still texting with 5 people at a time
9:45 still texting with 5 people at a time
10:00 updating church website
10:30 starting sermon preparation
10:45 contemplating hymnology
10:55 planning council retreat
11:05 facebooking
11:15 heading to the hospital
1:30 back from visiting at the hospital
1:45 getting ready for tonight’s activities
2:15 coffee and girl-scout cookies
3 shopping
4 preparing for congregational night
5 adult fellowship
6:30 ecumenical visit at episcopal shrove Tuesday celebration
8 girls to bed, adults to couch


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