Presidents Day



What is so important about the birthday of a president anyway?
Okay, George Washington, is one of America’s greatest national heroes.
But the current holiday cannot even land on his actual birthday anymore.

Some interesting observations can be made looking at the
List of Presidents of the United States by date of birth:
– Each of the last four presidents, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama was born during the summer months.
– Only one president was born during World War I: John F. Kennedy.
– No presidents were born during World War II.

One thing that makes the birth of the President relevant to the nation is the Natural Born Citizen Clause:
Natural Born Citizen Clause
At this point that means, that our older daughter could not become president even though she has lived longer in this country than her little sister. Very strange. Eight presidential candidates had their eligibility questioned, based on this – in my opinion – outdated provision.
Happy Presidents Day anyway!

Oh, and here is my favorite commercial about the birth of a president:


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