Learn German and keep your brain healthy



According to the guardian “research suggests that bilingual people can hold Alzheimer’s disease at bay for longer, and that bilingual children are better at prioritising tasks and multitasking.”

Here are some benefits for our family:
– Bilingual kids learn multitasking a lot easier.
– Alzheimer symptoms will begin 5 years later.

One downside they don’t mention:
– Having to switch between languages causes headache, at least in the first few months of bilingualism!

One question remains unanswered:
The most-widely used, non-English language in American households is Spanish. How came that the Educational Attainment of Spanish native-speakers is lower than that of white monoglots?


One response to “Learn German and keep your brain healthy”

  1. A lot of people don’t know HOW to go to college (how to get scholarships and student loans, how to apply to college, the concepts of choosing a major, taking required classes, and maintaining a GPA). They might not know WHY they should further their education. If they don’t know a nurse can make $40,000-50,000 a year, they may never try for it. Also, I think there’s a self-esteem issue. If there’s something in your environment (parents, social attitudes) that makes you feel “less than,” you aren’t likely to realize your true potential. This goes for anyone who is poor and uneducated, really, Native Americans, inner city African Americans, rural communities, white trash, etc.

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