Write Your Own Obama Speech, Part 2



Back in June there was a step-by-step guide for writing your own Obama speech.
Richard Lowry now adds his 13-step-model:
1) Create a false center.
2) Scorn ideology.
3) Talk about your openness to ideas from opponents.
4) Embrace empty symbolic measures as a show of reasonableness.
5) Make lawyerly distinctions too subtle for most people to notice.
6) Say things just because they sound good.
7) Dissemble as necessary.
8) Make the price right.
9) Never admit any cost or downside to what you are proposing.
10) Couple attacks on your critics as unworthy hacks with calls for civility.
11) Be sure to say something like “this is the time.”
12) At least once a speech, keep talking over the applause.
13) Load it up in a teleprompter.


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