Write Your Own Obama Speech



The Daily Beast analyzed Obama’s famous speeches to crack the code behind the president’s rhetoric. Our step-by-step guide for turning even the most divisive debates into an inspiring call for unity:

1. Thanks for having me.
2. Express shock that someone with your life story could ever stand before such a crowd…
3. …But that’s just America for you.
4. Pause for audience interruption.
5. Have gracious comeback ready.
6. Pay homage to Founding Fathers and/or quote the Declaration of Independence.
7. Express regret at America’s failures to live up to its founding principles.
8. Both sides have a point.
(a.) On the one hand…
(b.) But on the other hand…
9. Dismiss traditional battle lines as insufficiently nuanced. Find common ground.
10. After all, just look at me!
11. Manage expectations.
12. That said, don’t be afraid to dream big.
13. Invoke God.


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