Favre retirement coverage has been overblown



EPIC CARNIVAL lists Top 11 signs that the Favre retirement coverage has been overblown. The No. 1 sign is:

“1. Holy Ghost bumped from Christian Trinity, with only a successful mid-season comeback keeping Favre from the second spot”

Let’s restrain to the facts:
– Brett Favre was a Super Bowl winning and a three time MVP
– Brett, his wife Deanna Tynes and their two daughters, Brittany and Breleigh are members of the Roman Catholic Church
A real hero of sport and spirituality has retired.

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2 responses to “Favre retirement coverage has been overblown”

  1. DMtShooter Avatar

    Thanks for the link, but the post was satire.

  2. Of curse it’s satire. But what’s the issue with that?

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