Super Bowl XLII Prayers on Twitter



Eli Manning led the Giants to an improbable victory in Super Bowl XLII.
Could you predict it? Maybe, because on Twitter there were more pro-Giants prayers than Patriotic ones:

macflauaus : Morning everyone! Today is the day that I pray I hope I’m right: a Super Bowl victory from the Giants!

cottonandsand : What im thinking in church today: pray for the Giants!

CathleenRitt : Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee. Please also be with the Giants. Pray for us twitterers now and at the hour of 6pm EST Amen

RobsaysHello123 : I pray the Patriots rise to victory and become forever remembered Good night n good luck.

That was 3:1 in prayers for the NY Giants, but not everyone thinks you should pray for a Super Bowl:

eoosen : thinks football is silly. Sunday is pray-day.


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