Jen Hendershott – Retired or Olympia Bound?



Jen Hendershott hates gossip and thus reveals: WELL, I am doing the Olympia. SURPRISE!
Isaac Hinds wants to know why she was on the fence for quite a while. Here’s her confession:

“We don’t like to force anything on ourselves; we believe that God will deal the cards that need to be dealt. Starting a family changes a lot of things and it’s a BIG decision. We trust that God will bless us again when its time.In the summer of 2005 I had a miscarriage, which NO ONE knew about, (BREAKING NEWS). We kept it to ourselves until we were ready to share with the world. It was an emotional time but we believe God works in strange ways and this is something we had to deal with as many families in this world do.”

Earlier in 2004 she was undergoing a crisis as well during which God became her homeboy.


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