Sports at UCC General Synod



On Friday the Rev. Da Vita McCallister delivered a sermon in which she “praised the over 1,000 youth who are giving up a week of their summer camps not to go to soccer camp or football camp, not to be working or hanging out with friends at the pool but to be here to celebrate their church.”
Grant Smith comments: “The sermon was an awesome, but being in a basketball coliseum thingy and worshiping God is an interesting mixed feeling. I’m used to seeing basketball games when I see college basketball banners hanging from the rafters not singing hymns.”

On Saturday Sen. Barack Obama gave his first major address on faith and politics as a presidential candidate. His sporting abilities are shown in the video above.

On Sunday Ryan Lambert was happy to join “one of the centerpiece worship experiences of the Synod which featuring the preaching of the Rev. John H. Thomas, General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ. The worship included an inspiring mix of musical styles, the sermon from John Thomas, and beautiful liturgical dance.” Due to crowded committee meeting rooms Ryan Lambert was “able to watch the final game of the College World Series as Oregon State University won to repeat as NCAA champions.”
Oh happy day!


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